Look for the 2015 Holiday Hamper Program by JCI Edmonton, Launching Late October

Click on the video above to see what the program is all about! Big thanks to Amplomedia for making it for us.

2014 Recap: We have hit our GOAL of 750 families!

Thank you so much for your interest in signing up to be a sponsor of a family! As of right now we have hit our goal of helping 750 families in Edmonton this holiday season. There is still a way to participate and get involved. If you would like to sign up to be on our Waiting List, you will be first in line to receive any additional families in need, or if someone cannot fulfil their commitment. By joining the Waiting List, you will also be first in line Next Year to be part of the Holiday Hamper Program. Just fill out the form below with your information.

We are also still taking cash contributions which will go towards the over $25,000 worth of turkeys, you can make a contribution at http://bit.ly/1rTlR6n.

As well, we are looking for volunteers to help with deliveries and working the Delivery Day events. By filling out the form on the next page, you can ask to be a volunteer, and make a contribution.

Thanks for helping us hit our goal!

Click on the orange button below to Join the WAITING LIST!

Junior Chamber International - Edmonton: Holiday Hamper Program Volunteer

Complete your “Hamper Elf” Sign up form to purchase a hamper for a needy family and get started »

Click here to see pictures from 2013!

Holiday Hamper Cash Contributions for Turkeys through PayPal

If you cannot sign up for a hamper and simply want to make a cash contribution, please click the link below to go to our PayPal page. Each $30 raised will go towards one turkey for a needy family.


Program Background

This annual event has been creating positive change in our community for over 10 years! Once you sign up to participate you become one of our “Hamper Elves”. As an Elf you are committing to “adopt” a family that has been identified as being in need and then compile a hamper for that family. Each hamper includes ingredients for a holiday meal as well as gifts for the children.

On Saturday, December 20 all Hamper Elves meet at Northlands Expo Centre, pick up the address of your adopted family, a frozen turkey and roasting pan (provided by JCI Edmonton fundraising) and enjoy a cup of joe or hot cocoa with fellow Elves before heading out to hand-deliver your hamper. The Holiday Hamper Program is the highlight event of the year for JCI Edmonton and this project has been recognized nationally by JCI Canada as an outstanding initiative.

Creating and hand delivering a hamper to a family in need is an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether you’re interested in adopting a family or simply volunteering your time on the big day, we’d love to see you involved.

Useful Links:

Corporate Holiday Hamper Flyer

Click here to download our Holiday Hamper Corporate Flyer, to learn more about how your company can get involved with the program!

Challenge your industry to get involved!

Use this “challenge email’ template to send to others in your industry and challenge them to contribute to the Holiday Hamper Program

Email Signature

Use these email signatures for your company to let everyone know that you support the Holiday Hamper program.  Static and Dynamic

Delivery Day Map

Click here to download the delivery day map of where to meet at Northlands. Its where the big green arrow is on the map, basically the east entrance of the new Expo Centre.  MAP DOWNLOAD HERE


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I learn about the family I’m preparing a hamper for?

On December 1st, JCI Edmonton will assign you a family number. At that time you will find out the composition of your hamper family members and their ages. For example: Mom, 5-year-old boy & 9-year-old girl.

2. How do I know what type of food to buy?

Once you register for the JCI Christmas Hamper Program, JCI Edmonton will provide you with a recommended grocery list. This grocery list is intended to act as a guide to purchase food for your hamper family. Turkeys and roasting pans are supplied by JCI Edmonton.
2014 Holiday Hamper Grocery List – Revised »

3. Do I need to include gifts for the children?

Yes, gifts for the children is an important part of the hamper. There is no stipulation on the amount that needs to be spent. Remember, these families have very little—no matter the size of the presents you purchase, you will change a child’s Christmas.

4. What should I assemble my hamper in?

The best thing to do is put all of the food and gifts in a laundry basket. Please remember to label your hamper(s) with the family number that will be provided to you on December 1st. Also, please wrap and label all presents. For example: “5 year old boy”.

5. What day and time are hampers delivered?

The hamper delivery date is scheduled for Saturday, December 20th. Delivery will take place between 10:00am and 1:00pm.
The meeting place for delivery is Northlands Edmonton Expo Centre, Hall TBD. After registering, you will be given the address of your family, as well as your turkey and roasting pan.

Thank you to Northlands as they continue to be a gracious sponsor in donating space for our event to take place.

6. What if I’m unable to deliver my hamper?

If you are unable to deliver your hamper, you need not worry. We have an army of volunteers to help us deliver hampers for those who cannot attend.
 Just let us know on your registration form and get your hamper to us in advance, or early on Dec 20th.

7. Do I have to be a JCI member to participate?

No you don’t have to be a JCI member to participate—the more the merrier!

  • Recruit your friends, family, and co-workers to put together hampers.
  • Ask your company to donate hampers for a great cause!

8. How do I know the family I’m donating a hamper to is “in need?”

JCI Edmonton partners with eight inner-city schools and the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton to source the families in need. All families are qualified and cross-referenced through the Bureau to ensure that there are no duplications.

If you’re interested in getting involved, complete your volunteer application form to get started »

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact our Holiday Hamper Chair at hamperprogram@jciedmonton.com.

This annual event has been creating positive change in our community for over years. Last year’s contributions to the JCI Christmas Hamper Program lead to over 3,000 Edmontonians eating over 10,000 kg of turkey and over 62,000 kg of food. Plus over 1500 children opened presents on Christmas Day. That’s 705 Edmonton families who would not have had a Christmas if it wasn’t for the generosity of our supporters and volunteers.